Artificial Intelligence Software Solutions

Learning from the Internet
The Internet is a huge knowledge base for us humans. It should also suffice as a knowledge base for an AI agent, so the agent can learn concepts, facts, and common sense knowledge from it. Our software tool/agent can learn in real-time things such as what is a soccer ball, or where one can finds a pillow in a common household, or what is the capital of Slovakia. Equipped with this learning capability, an agent can construct meaningful dialogs with the human counterpart and assists humans in many tasks.
Abstract Behavior Programming
There are many skills we might want to teach a robot such as picking up pine cones from the backyard or how to play a game of hide-and-seek. Often these skills require more than just procedural knowledge and should work at different times, places, in slightly different environments. We attempt to build a framework to support the abstract behavior programming for a robot.
Rap Lyrics Generator
Robots can already do robot dances easily, duh! But can they rap? We are developing a software tool that will generate rap lyrics in (almost) real-time with a given topic and a given melody. A text-to-speed engine then sing the generated lyric in rap style. Wouldn't it be super cool to create a record label for a robot rapper one day? This tool would add another trick to the bag for a robot companion.